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We are excited to work with you.

What we do

Landscape Design

Landscape design is the heart and passion of our firm.  

We design exciting outdoor spaces that draw you together with your family, friends, customers, clients,  and nature.

As a part of your comprehensive landscape site plan we will provide you with a complete planting plan, irrigation plan, plus other essential design and construction documents.

If your project requires specific planning needs, we are happy to create individual design elements such as
hardscape plans, outdoor kitchen designs, lighting designs
...and so much more.
outdoor living

Outside spaces are an extension of your home or office.  At Anthropic Landscape Design, we design inviting rooms and destinations within landscapes.  Your new landscape will bloom with exciting places to be and amazing settings where memories are created. 

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Planting design

Plant selection and placement requires understanding and anticipation. There is no substitute for advanced planning. How plants will mature and grow greatly affect the feel of a landscape over time.  We design landscapes that become more beautiful and enjoyable

as time goes on.

Wild Flowers
Lawn Sprinkler Abstract
Irrigation Planning

Water management is critical in every landscape plan.  We are pleased to provide waterwise irrigation planning that will save you time and money while nurturing your plants so they will thrive.

Lighting design

Today's low voltage lighting options are amazing and plentiful.  Casting light or creating a shadow brings definition and life to a landscape that really makes your property shine.

We also provide...
Green Garden

All landscape projects are nuanced with varied attributes.

The best path forward is not always crystal clear.

Our thirty years of experience and knowledge coordinating design elements, site planning, and horticultural expertise

will help bring your project into view. 



Project Management

Landscape projects are like a symphony.  Many assets must come together in concert to create a masterpiece.  Coordinating all the players requires a great conductor and a well written score.

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We would love to learn more about your project.

Feel free to schedule an on-site consultation today.
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